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Youth Sports

Mission and Purpose

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To provide exceptional community-based Athletic programs for all ages by providing quality service to all participants and offering a safe and well-maintained environment where our customers can gather for a fun and enjoyable experience.


  • Learning all fundamental and basic sport-specific skills and establishing building blocks for overall improvement.
  • Teaching the value of teamwork and becoming an effective member of a team
  • Teach sportsmanship and fair play by emphasizing proper treatment of teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials.
  • Create opportunities for the customers of all three communities to connect and build relationships and friendships through sports programs.

What you Need to Know

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  • Practice times, days, and locations are determined by the coach, and gym availability. 
  • Team practices
    • 4-year-olds 30-minute practice and 30-minute game on Saturdays
    • 5- to 8-year-olds once a week for one hour
    • 9+ once a week for 90 minutes
  • Coaches’ meetings are typically held 1 - 2 weeks before the first scheduled practice.
  • Unless otherwise noted, children are placed on teams according to their age on the first practice day of the season.
  • In general, leagues for children ages 8 and younger are self-officiated by coaches and parent volunteers. Games for children ages 9 and older are officiated by a game official.
  • All CVPRD leagues include jerseys.
  • Some travel may be required for certain leagues.
  • Coach requests are first-come, first-served.
  • Game schedules can be found on our

Weather Line
To check the status of a game during inclement weather call 720-531-3373.

Code of Conduct 

As a coach, player, parent, or spectator at a Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District (CVPRD) I understand: 

  1. Verbal abuse, physical abuse and/or altercation, harassment, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior towards an official, player, spectator, supervisor, or CVPRD staff member is not tolerated.
  2. All coaches, players, parents, and spectators will abide by the official’s decision. The official’s decision and/or calls are not arguable. If you have a concern regarding the officiating, contact CVPRD Staff. 
  3. Smoking/vaping/chewing tobacco and alcohol are prohibited at all CVPRD programs, activities, and facilities; at SVVSD facilities, and at parks and facilities in the Town/City of Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono unless otherwise noted.
  4. Any coach, player, parent, or spectator ejected from the game must leave the playing facility/area immediately upon request. Refusal to leave is considered trespassing and law enforcement will be called to assist in removal. 
  5. The zero-tolerance policy is in effect at all CVPRD sports events. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

Officials, game supervisors, and CVPRD Sports Staff have the authority to reprimand any player, coach, spectator, or team if code of conduct is violated. 

Penalties will range from: 

  • Warning
  • Ejection from game
  • Suspension from future games 
  • Forfeit of the game or season
  • Law enforcement called  

CVPRD Coordinators will handle disciplinary procedures on a case-by-case basis.

 *By reviewing this form, you agree to the CVPRD Code of Conduct*

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