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District Residency

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District serves the communities of Dacono, Firestone, and Frederick however not all properties in these towns/city are part of the Rec District. In order to qualify as a District resident and pay District rates for our programs and services, you must pay taxes to CVPRD.

Verify District Residency 

There are two ways to find out if you're a District resident: 


  • Go to the Weld County Property Portal at
  • Search by name or address 
  • Click on the box that says "Taxing Districts" 
  • If you see "Carbon Valley Rec" listed under "Tax Authorities" it means you pay taxes to the District and are considered a District resident.

Property Tax Statement

If you see a Carbon Valley Rec tax (CVRC) on your property tax statement you are a part of the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District.

Proper District documentation includes a property tax statement, ID for proof of residency, and either a bill or tax ID. You must use a physical address to receive District rates, P.O. boxes do not qualify.

Join the Carbon Valley Rec Tax District 

If you are not a District resident, but live within Recreation District boundaries, you can petition the Board of Directors to be included into the District. In order to petition the Board complete an inclusion form (below) for the town in which you reside and either drop it off at the rec center or mail it to:

Carbon Valley Parks and Rec District
Attn: Katie Hyde
151 Grant Ave
Firestone, CO 80520

Please note that the Board of Directors will most likely only consider petitions that include multiple properties. If you would like to be included in the district (and are a single residential property owner) the Board recommends gathering a larger list of neighbors to file for inclusion. If you have any questions please contact Bryan Hostetler at

Town of Firestone Inclusion form (PDF)Town of Frederick Inclusion form (PDF)City of Dacono Inclusion form (PDF)


District Boundary Map 

The District boundary map represents the boundaries of the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District however, not all properties within the boundaries are in the District (pay District taxes).

May contain: neighborhood, chart, and plot

Questions? Please contact Katie Hyde at or 303-833-3660 x 106. 

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