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Master Plan

The Carbon Valley Park and Recreation District (CVPRD) is experiencing exponential growth, presenting both challenges and opportunities as the District strives to maintain a high quality of life for residents. There is a strong commitment on behalf of its leadership and citizenry supporting parks and recreation as integral to this quality of life. CVPRD is in a position to meet this challenge and plan for dynamic recreation services. Our Parks and Recreation Master Plan is based on a comprehensive planning process that involved extensive staff and community input as well as research and analysis of the existing parks and recreation system in the CVPRD service area. Sections II through IV of the plan include key findings and information gathered from the demographic and trends analysis, the public input process, the statistically-valid survey, and the inventory and analysis of existing Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation parks and facilities, along with a review of the District's operations. Based on this analysis, the recommended goals and strategies are detailed in Section V to address the key issues identified in the initial needs assessment of the project.

Planning Process Summary

This project has been guided by a project team comprised of District staff, with input from the CVPRD Board Directors, and leadership from the three municipalities that make up the District (Frederick, Firestone, and Dacono). The team provided input to the GreenPlay consulting team throughout the planning process. A collaborative approach created a plan that fully utilizes the consultant's expertise and incorporates the local knowledge and institutional history that only community members can provide.

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