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Skyhawks Sports

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Skyhawks provides a safe, fun, non-competitive environment to teach sports to children ages 4 to 14. Their programs are designed to give each child a positive introduction to sports. Knowledgeable and patient staff use a variety of games and activities to give each athlete an overview of the sport while building valuable skills. Since 1979, Skyhawks has taught over two million boys and girls life skills through sports. T-shirt and award included.

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Cancellation Policy: To ensure a successful program, there are minimums for each sport. If the minimums are not met, the program will be canceled one week prior to the start date. 

Registration Deadline: Registrations can be taken up until the time of the program start if the maximums have not been met. Register early to secure your spot!  View the Skyhawks website.

If you are a District resident and pay taxes to the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District, you qualify for the District (D) rate.

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