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Fitness Instructor of the Month

Congratulations to our June Fitness Instructor of the Month, Jon Hill.

A person exercising in a gym, lifting a barbell, with workout equipment and mirrors in the background.

Check out his story here:

I became an instructor because back in 2018, my mother-in-law and I reignited our fitness journey by attending a body pump class early in the morning. The instructor had a change in her personal life which meant the class was going to go away. I saw an opportunity. Thinking it would be both fun and manageable, I approached the manager to learn more about what it entailed. Little did I know, over 5 years later, I would still be deeply invested in this role. I loved the idea of getting paid to workout to keep me more accountable in my own fitness journey, but soon I discovered the real joy was in cheering others on in their fitness journeys. B Body pump, with its blend of lifting and cardio, targets major muscle groups while elevating heart rate, making it an ideal exercise regimen. What keeps me dedicated is the incredible community at Carbon Valley. The diversity of participants, from newcomers to seasoned regulars, fosters a supportive environment. Witnessing newcomers receive instant assistance from regulars and observing regulars push themselves to new heights is truly inspiring. The dedication of attendees, from those showing up at 5:30 in the morning to those committing their Saturday mornings, motivates me to deliver my best in every class. They're investing their time and money, so I want to make sure they leave feeling like it was worth every drop of sweat. 



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