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Starfish (3-5 years) 

Introduction to Water Skills
3 - 5 years

  • Enter and exit water using ladder, steps or side of pool
  • Blow bubbles with mouth and nose
  • Submerge mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Open eyes under water and retrieve a submerged object
  • Roll from front to back and back to front with assistance
  • Jump off the side to the instructor and submerge completely
  • Front float 3 seconds with face in the water
  • Back float 3 seconds with ears in the water
  • Front and back glide and recover to a vertical position
  • Alternate and simultaneous arm action on front and back
  • Alternate and simultaneous leg action on front and back
  • Combined arm and leg action on front and back
  • Staying safe in an aquatic environment and pool rules
  • Recognizing lifeguards

Prerequisite: Child must be ready to participate in a group setting.

Minimum: 3     Maximum: 6