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Seal (3-5 years) 

Fundamental Aquatics Skills
3 - 5 years

  • Bobbing 10 times
  • Open eyes under water and retrieve a submerged object
  • Introduction to swimming in deep water
  • Change the direction of travel while swimming on front and back
  • Jump into shoulder deep water submerge and swim to the side
  • Float on front and back for 15 seconds
  • Front and back glide for 5 yards
  • Rotary breathing
  • Combined arm and leg action for 5 yards
  • Whip Kick
  • Elementary backstroke 5 yards
  • Staying safe in an aquatic environment

Prerequisite: Go underwater, float, and glide, make progress swimming on front and back, and tread water for 15 seconds.

Minimum: 3 Maximum: 6

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