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Outdoor Fitness Area

A variety of equipment for multiple functional training is available on the north side of the rec center and can be accessed by using the double doors outside the cardio room. The area closes 30 minutes prior to the close of the building. Weight room etiquette also applies to the outdoor fitness area. 


The BeaverFit Shred Shed
A multi-use storage shed custom-fabricated to anchor a BeaverFit functional training rig that integrates equipment for a world-class, multi-modality training center. Features a two-station external training rig with movable J-Cups, jump platform, landmine bar, wall ball target, battling rope, punching bag and more. 

Escape Fitness STRONGBOX
An all-in-one training bench, plyo platform and equipment storage unit, STRONGBOX not only looks cool, but speeds up transitions and enhances safety as well, storing equipment. Get a complete workout just by using the equipment stored in the STRONGBOX! CVPRD has three. 

Escape Fitness TIYR
Forget scrap tires, the Escape Fitness TIYR® maintains the rawness of flipping tractor tires but delivers all the original fitness challenges. Precision built using recycled foam, the TIYR has none of the disadvantages associated with using dirty scrap tires. 135 lbs. for the ladies and 220 lbs. for the guys, or "flip" that around!

ABS Company Stationary Tire Flip 180
Not looking to flip a tire down the runway? No problem! This innovative functional training device will keep you stationary and in your zone! The Tire Flip 180® has 100lb of resistance and can flip from either side. Can add up to an additional 80 lbs. Great for beginners or partnering up!

Torque TANK M4 Sled
The TANK™ push sled is the ultimate tool in building an explosive athlete. Build speed, increase explosive power, and enhance acceleration using all three levels of Torque’s Mag-Force Resistance. Endless training possibilities await with this innovative fitness sled.

outdoor fitness equipment


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