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Level 3 (5-17 years) 

Stroke Development
5 - 17 years 

  • Enter water by jumping from the side, fully submerge, and recover to surface and side.
  • Headfirst entry from the side of the pool in sitting and kneeling positions
  • Bobbing while moving toward safety
  • Rotary breathing
  • Survival float on the front, back float
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on front and back
  • Tread water with a modified scissor, breaststroke, and rotary kick
  • Push off in a streamlined position then begin flutter and dolphin kick on front
  • Front crawl and elementary backstroke
  • While in a vertical position, rotate one full turn

Prerequisite: Can swim at least 10 yards of both front crawl and back crawl, swim 10 yards of elementary backstroke, and can tread water for 15 seconds.

Minimum: 3 Maximum: 7

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