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Horseshoe Tournament 

Who doesn’t like a fun game of horseshoe pitching? Join us for a fun day of friendly competition in this double elimination tournament. 

2024 Date TBD
Carbon Valley Rec Center
Registration Closes: 
Team Fee: $ District, $ Non-District

Roster Requirements

Teams of 2. Any substitute player(s) must be reported prior to the first match.

Game Rules 
  • Each game is scheduled by the hour but may end well before. If a match is not completed in one hour, the team who is leading is the winner. 
  • Each team will play the best 2 out of 3.
  • The first two matches will go to 21 and the third match will only go to 15.
  • Each team will be responsible for keeping track of their own score.
  • Men must stand on the side of the stake, not directly in front of it, and pitch from the 37 inch foul line. Women and elders age 70+ can go up to the 27 inch foul line which will be marked.
  • Any shoe must be within one horseshoe-width (measured across the outside of the open end of the shoe) of the stake to be considered for points (official rules call for 6 inches max).
  • The closest shoe to the stake gets 1 point.
  • If you have two shoes closer than any of your opponent’s, you get 2 points.
  • Ringers are worth 3 points each and must completely encircle the stake so the ends can be touched with a straight edge without touching the stake.
  • If you have the closest shoe and a ringer, it’s 4 points.
  • If your opponent throws a ringer on top of yours, they cancel, and no points are scored.
  • A shoe making contact outside the pit before it comes to rest does not count in the scoring and if it lies within scoring distance of the stake it may be removed before the next pitch by either contestant.
Alcohol Rules 

Alcohol is allowed outside at the horseshoe pits, but glass containers are prohibited. Please recycle all containers and use common sense.


CVPRD staff has the authority to remove any player(s) whose actions may cause injuries or whose words are deemed inappropriate to themselves, other players, staff or spectators from the pits. In other words, don’t be a jerk and just come to have fun. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that all trash is removed after each game.

    Weather Line: 303-833-3660 x 119

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