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Wonderful Wizards

Hands assembling a pixel art creation with LEGO bricks on a tan baseplate, colorful LEGO pieces nearby.

District Registration Open: Monday, April 15
Non-District Registration Open: Monday, April 22
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 19
Camp Dates: June 24 - 28 (9am - noon) 
Age: 5-12
Location: Lobby Meeting Room
Fee: $200 District, $300 Non-District

A logo with a green dinosaur made of building blocks next to the word "Snapology."

Enter the world of wizards and witches in Snapology's Wizarding program, inspired by Harry Potter and other amazing wizards. In this program, your child will be inundated by magical places like Hogwarts, by creating castles and undergoing a special ceremony where they are sorted and use their own imagination to create secret rooms and a coat of arms! This class will spark their imaginations and encourage creative reasoning in new ways, allowing them to build amazing things they have only dreamed of before! They’ll enjoy themselves so much, you might think we have them under a spell!

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