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Virtual Holiday Marketplace Application

  1. This will be posted on our website with a link to your online store. Use your first and last name if you do not have a business name.
  2. Even if your online store is not ready for the public to view, please include a web address for the store. The link will not be published until the event starts on November 14.
  3. Please include a short description or list of the types of items you will be selling. This information will be published next to the link to your website.
  4. I give Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District permission to share my name, email address, and phone number with anyone who inquires about my business and products.
    If you check yes, we will only give your contact information to individuals who contact us with questions about your products or want to purchase additional products after the event ends. If you check no, we will send you the contact information of the person inquiring about your business so that you may contact them directly. Your contact information is never mass distributed or shared publicly. It is only used by the District to contact you about the event.
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