Thanksgiving Skills Workshops

Beginners Skills Workshop
Children will work on skills needed to move up to the Advanced Beginners class (5 and older). 

Advanced Skills Workshop
Children will work on advanced/intermediate skills need to move up to the next skill level. Advanced Beginner and Intermediate level gymnasts only. 

Skill LevelDayTimeFee
Beginners Skills WorkshopMonday, November 221 - 2:30 pm$17 District
$22 Non-District
Advanced Skills WorkshopMonday, November 224 - 5:30 pm$17 District
$22 Non-District
Advanced Skills WorkshopTuesday, November 231 - 2:30 pm$17 District a
$22 Non-District
Beginners Skills WorkshopTuesday, November 234 - 5:30 pm$17 District
$22 Non-District
  1. Little Stars
  2. Beginners
  3. Boys Beginners
  4. Advanced Beginners
  5. Boys Advanced
  6. Boys Intermediate
  7. Girls Intermediates
  8. Girls Pre-Team
  9. Boys Team
  10. Girls Comp 3 Team
  11. Girls Comp 4 Team
  12. Girls Optional Team

Build strength, flexibility, and body-awareness while utilizing gymnastics equipment including the tumble track and cheese wedge mats. New skills and drills are learned in a fun, safe, and structured learning environment.  Children learn to wait their turn, follow directions, and make friends while learning gymnastics fundamentals.

AgeMonthly Fee
4 to 5$45 District, $59 Non-District

Monday4 to 4:55 pm
Monday5 to 5:55 pm
Monday6 to 6:55 pm
Wednesday4 to 4:55 pm
Wednesday5 to 5:55 pm
Wednesday6 to 6:55 pm
Thursday4 to 4:55 pm
Thursday5 to 5:55 pm
Thursday6 to 6:55 pm
Saturday9 to 9:55 am
Saturday10 to 10:55 am
Saturday11 to 11:55 am