Fitness Patron of the Month

Marie Dennis

My CVPRD fitness journey began in 2013 and has been all about the fun! It pairs well with the positive agenda in the group fitness classes. I show up not only in pursuit of a strong physique, healthy BMI, and blood pressure, but for my wellbeing and something even greater...a sense of community. I have enjoyed participating in team sports like pickleball and softball, however, group fitness classes are why I continue to come to the rec center on a daily basis. Though most of my daily life can be unpredictable, I look forward to the consistency and predictability of the awesomeness I find when I come to the rec center and get my sweat on. The leadership at the rec fosters a healthy mind and body. The atmosphere is friendly to all!

Being a member is not only good for me, it's good for my family. I did not grow up in an active family and to this day my parents think it's strange that I prioritize time for recreational activity. My kids have been a part of CVPRD since they were babies and watch us elders sweat together and care for one another. The 2020 shutdown proved to me the importance of my commitment to daily activity. The mental strength it takes to tell yourself you can lift a weight, run a mile, jump over a bench or do a push-up is hard. Sometimes I just need one smile from someone to be empowered to keep going.

My family and I appreciate the smiles and encouragement we get from the community here at CVPRD to move, participate in activities, and sweat from the heart.

Woman showing determination as she lifts a big tire to flip it