Fitness Patron of the Month

Kyle Bata

My name is Kyle Bata, I am 30-years-old, I am a newer daily goer at the Carbon Valley Rec Center. I am a data analyst at CU’s School of Medicine Surgery Department. My work has me spending most of my days sitting in front of a computer, trying to make the world a better place in my little way. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to take care of my health when I get wrapped up in work. The pandemic further exasperated the issue as everything was shut down. Plus, I started visiting my parents more during the  pandemic, and who can resist their mom’s cooking?! As a result, I gained 62 pounds during the shutdown. 

Once things started opening back up, I knew I needed to get back in shape. Lucky for me, the rec center is only a mile away, has excellent cardio and weight equipment, and has group fitness classes included with passes. The fantastic array of group classes has helped me significantly on my weight loss journey and improved my overall health. I have done everything from LesMills classes, yoga, aqua fitness, and, to REALLY get out of my comfort zone, Zumba! 

I never thought I’d be body-shimmying and dancing my way to a healthier BMI. I can’t thank all the instructors and staff enough for making the Rec Center so welcoming and enjoyable that I want to keep coming back day after day. With their help, I have lost 50 pounds post-pandemic!

Man in t-shirt and shorts lifting arms in fitness class.
Man with long hair wearing beanie hat standing in a street with colorful artwork sprayed on wall.