Mead Inclusion

Mead elected officials, in conjunction with CVPRD elected officials, recently announced their support of an effort to include the Town of Mead into Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District boundaries. In November, an open house was held in Mead to educate residents about the opportunity to join the District. Another informational open house is scheduled for Tuesday, January 21 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Mead Town Hall.

An election for Mead residents to vote to join the District is scheduled for Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

If Mead votes to join the District, is CVPRD building a facility in Mead?
If Mead residents vote to join the District, they will vote with CVPRD residents in November of 2020 to build an outdoor pool and recreation center at Central Park in Firestone and possibly a recreation facility in Mead that includes a cardio/weight room, studio for fitness classes, indoor field, and meeting space.

If Mead doesn’t join the District do CVPRD residents still vote in November?
Yes, but they will only be voting for a mill levy increase to renovate existing CVPRD facilities and build a new recreation facility and an outdoor pool in Firestone’s Central Park.  

Benefits for Mead to Join the District

  • One parks and recreation district serving growing communities with common needs, desires, and opportunities
  • Resident access to full-service regional facilities
  • SilverSneakers program access
  • Lower resident participation rates
  • Early registration opportunities
  • Neighborhood-focused programing and services
  • Eligibility to qualify for District scholarship (reduced rate) program
  • Decision making capabilities within the District
  • Contributions and prioritization of future growth and development

Benefits for the District if Mead residents Join the District

  • Increased reach of programs and services resulting in mission driven successes
  • Further community alignment with the Town of Mead
  • Further community alignment with the Mead school 
  • Increase usage of St. Vrain Valley School District facilities
  • Increased opportunity for district growth and development to gain additional facilities and services
  • Identified land use opportunities with the Town of Mead
  • Ability to reduce the need to partner with alternative organizations for activities – resulting in less dependency on neighboring parks and recreation departments and community members traveling out of the community
  • Positions the district well for future planned development and growth within the community

Tax Implication for Mead to Join the District:

4.42 mills. For every $100,000 of property value, CVPRD would receive $31.87. 

Click here to view a PDF of this information.

For more information, contact Dean Rummel, CVPRD Executive Director, at or 720-728-8440