Partner with Us

The Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District (CVPRD) offers multiple classes, camps, sports leagues, workshops, events, and activities. Many of these programs are delivered through contracts with professional service providers whose participation and offerings enhance the diversity and overall success of our programs. CVPRD is grateful for your interest in contributing your passion and talent to the community. If selected as a contractor, CVPRD knows your contribution will complement our community-valued portfolio of programs.

Why Contract for CVPRD?

CVPRD is a special district committed to a community where every member's health and well-being is founded on unparalleled parks, facilities, and programs.

What Can CVPRD Offer A Contractor?

We offer access to our our facilities which include the Carbon Valley Recreation Center and the Carbon Valley Gymnastics/Active Adult Center. Our facilities feature gymnasiums, fitness studios, community rooms, pool, shared athletic facilities, and conveniently-located parks for programming.

Contractors gain access to one of the leading communication channels for reaching CVPRD's active youth and adult populations. CVPRD's activities guide is published three times annually and mailed directly to every household in Carbon Valley. Web presence, email, and social marketing platforms generate thousands of impressions per month. There is no single, more robust or targeted way to reach CVPRD's active population and families.

CVPRD offers a comprehensive online, in-person, and phone-in registration system. This system allows customers a variety of access modes while allowing us to maintain facility bookings for classes and programs and to efficiently track and process registrations. Contractors opting to use the District's registration system will receive class lists, waitlist reports, and easy access to documents and receipts. CVPRD also maintains an accurate database for all program participants for communications, marketing, and program evaluation. The system also automatically reserves spots for waitlist participants when spaces become available due to participant withdrawal or other circumstances. Our registration system allows customers to use cash, check, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Master Card for payments.

How To Become A CVPRD Contractor

The first step to becoming a contractor is to complete and submit a Services Contractor Application for each course or program you're proposing to offer. Applications are accepted year-round. Get started on your Services Contractor Application (PDF).

Want To Know More About Partnering With Us?

See our Services Contractor Manual (PDF) for more information.