Since 2002, SuperTots engages kids, ages 2 to 5, in physical activity in a non-competitive environment that is safe and fun above all else. SuperTots knows kids are hard-wired to learn through play and need to devote time and energy to recreation activities. For that reason, they’ve designed an engaging, skill-building curriculum in which tots learn through a series of fun and beneficial games. Participants will acquire athletic skills and fitness but also develop an interest and love of sports. For more information and to register visit

2-3 years     Oct 17-Nov 21      9:30-10:20 am                $89            RC
3-4 years     Oct 17-Nov 21     10:30-11:20 am               $89            RC
4-5 years     Oct 17-Nov 21     11:30 am-12:20 pm         $89            RC

RC = Rec Center
D = District,  ND = Non-District