Inclusion Information

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District is a Special District, a form of local government authorized under state law and created to perform a specific purpose. The purpose of CVPRD is to serve the recreation needs of the community through facilities, programs, and park services for our constituents. CVPRD is one of the largest districts in the state covering 45 square-miles including the communities of Dacono, Firestone and Frederick. The Carbon Valley community is known for its vibrant, small-town feel and is one of the fastest growing communities in the state with more than 27,000 residents.

To find out if you are a district resident, go to:

Proper district documentation includes the resident’s property tax statement, ID for proof of residency, and either a bill or tax ID.

​How to become a Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District Resident:

If you would like to become a District resident, please click on the appropriate link below for the town you reside in. Complete the inclusion form and return it to the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District.

Town of Firestone Inclusion form
Town of Frederick Inclusion form
City of Dacono Inclusion form