Active Adult Day Trips

Carbon Valley Active Adults (age 55 and older) are always on the go! Join us for trips to exciting destinations in Colorado and beyond. Register for your next excursion or getaway online, in person at the Carbon Valley Senior Center, or by calling 303-833-2739.

Trip Exertion

Each trip description includes an exertion level number. This is a generalization of the exertion levels that participants can expect on a trip.

Trip Exertion Chart

  1. Easy, mostly sitting
  2. Easy, mostly sitting with some walking
  3. Moderate, some walking, possible stairs
  4. Moderate to high, lots of walking, outside, some elevation
  5. High, long day, lots of walking, stairs, elevation

Pricing Codes

District Resident = D
Non-District Resident = ND

DINNER CLUB TRIPS —(cost of meal on your own)

 $7 District Resident, $9 Non District
 Hop on the fun bus for a great evening out with the gang.  Fee includes transportation and driver. Cost of meal on your own. Please register in advance.*  Exertion level: 1 - 2

Wednesday, April 13   4 - 6:30 pm  Black Eyed Pea, Northglenn
 Always a good meal; Black Eye Pea has a strong reputation in Colorado for the best home-cooked meal away from home.  Price range $10 - $17.


Transportation and cost of meal on your own

 We make the reservation, you provide your own transportation to the destination for an enjoyable meal with other Carbon Valley seniors.  No cost to register. Please register in advance.*  Exertion level: 1 - 2

Wednesday, April 27  4:30 - 7 pm  Spaghetti Factory   9145 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster 
 Explore the world of Italian food at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Westminster and dazzle your taste buds with delicious food.  Explore an assortment of options that will expand your horizon.  Price range $10 - $17.