1. Tiny Tots
  2. Little Explorers
  3. Little Stars
  4. Adv. Little Stars
  5. Beginners
  6. Boys Lightning
  7. Adv. Beginners
  8. Boys Intermediate
  9. Girls Intermediates
  10. Boys Team
  11. Girls Pre-Team
  12. Girls Comp 3 Team
  13. Girls Comp 4 Team
  14. Girls Optional Team
  15. Special Needs Class
Description: Ready, set, go! This class is 45 minutes of parent involvement, where your child will climb up, climb down, over, under, and thru preschool gymnastics equipment all while gaining body control, self-awareness, and strength in a fun and safe learning environment. Children participate in circle time, play follow the leader, then enjoy open play where they interact with other toddlers or just explore their surroundings. Children do not need to be potty trained to join this class. 
Monthly Fee
$33 D/$43 ND
10:15 - 11 am