Private Yoga

Private yoga instructors will teach you how to get into and out of every pose properly which will ensure a safe and beneficial yoga experience individualized just for you.

To get started with a private yoga instructor, click here to view the private yoga request form. Fill out the form completely and submit it to the front desk at the rec center. You will receive a follow-up email within 72 business hours. For more information, contact Suzi Shankweiler, Fitness Coordinator, at or 303-833-3660 x 114. 

2023 Private Yoga prices 

30-minute single session      $28 D/$42 ND
1 hour single session            $46 D/$69 ND 
1 hour partner session          $68 D/$102 ND
(6) 30-min single sessions    $154 D/$231 ND
(6) 1 hour single sessions     $248 D/$372 ND
(6) 1 hour partner sessions   $358 D/$537 ND