Election FAQs

  1. Where do I turn in my ballot? 
    Ballots may be mailed (we recommend mailing by Tuesday, April 26 to ensure it arrives in time to be counted, or they may be dropped off at the ballot box in front of the Carbon Valley Recreation Center, 701 5th Street, Frederick. There is no in-person voting for this election. 

  2. When is Election Day?
    Election Day is Tuesday, May 3. 

  3. What is the District Proposing? 
    The District is proposing to build an outdoor pool and second recreation center with an indoor pool, gymnasium, weight/cardio room, fitness studio, party/event room, and child sitting area.

  4. Where would the proposed outdoor pool and second rec center be located?
    At Central Park in Firestone near the Carbon Valley Library. 

  5. What changes have been made to the plans residents voted on last November? 
    A post-election survey sent to registered District voters revealed residents want an indoor pool that can be used year-round and don’t want a large water park but rather a smaller outdoor community pool. The new proposed plans were updated to include these requests from voters. 

  6. What is not included in the proposed expansion plan? 
    CVPRD's proposed plans include the construction of a new rec center with indoor and outdoor pools at Central Park in Firestone. The District is also working separately to include outdoor tennis and pickleball courts and address the need for a new senior center, both of which would be funded without an additional bond or increass to property taxes. Concepts for athletic fields are included in the City of Firestone's Central Park development plans and are not part of CVPRD's proposed plans. 

  7. Why do we need this and is it sustainable?
    When the current rec center was expanded in 2005, the population of Carbon Valley was around 10,000. Today, Carbon Valley has more than tripled in size to a population of 36,000. The demand for our services has increased significantly and our current rec center is bursting at the seams. The proposed plan delivers what the community has asked for and serves as an important local economic and social investment. In 2018, the District paid off its last bonds which reduced property owners’ tax bills by 2.785 mills. The District has demonstrated very strong fiscal responsibility, the project is financially viable, and we would expect a triple-A rating on our bonds. 

  8. Will the existing rec center in Frederick close if this passes?
    No, the Carbon Valley Rec Center will remain open if this passes. The District continues to make improvements to the facility every year. 

  9. What will the proposed facility cost and how would the increase to property taxes impact me as a homeowner?
    The projected construction costs are approximately $29 million. Based on an expected 30-year bond at or below 3.75% interest, residents will be assessed an amount that will permit annual repayments of $1.7 million. The proposed increase to your taxes depends on your home value. For every $100,000 of home value, it’s $19.31 annually/less than $2 monthly. A home valued at $500,000 would be assessed an additional $96.55 per year, or approximately $8.04 per month. It would take the District’s property taxes back to a little under the pre-2018 level when the last of our debt was paid off. 

  10. Once the bonds are paid off, does that tax end?
    After 30 years, the funds used to finance the construction would be removed. 

  11. Must the District use the proceeds of the bond measure specifically for what is presented in the ballot question?
    Yes. By law, the district cannot use the funds for anything other than what is presented in the bond question.

  12. How does the District’s budget compare between user fees and property taxes?
    Property taxes currently account for 68% of revenues with user fees making up the vast majority of the other 32%. This is common for a government parks and recreation agency.

  13. What are the current and proposed taxes for District residents to support CVPRD?  
    District residents currently pay 4.427 mills to support CVPRD which amounts to $44.27 per $100,000, or approximately $3.69/month, of assessed value. The proposed increase is 1.0 for operations and 1.93 for construction or 2.93 mills for a total of 7.357.  The total assessment will be $73.57 per year per $100,000 of actual residential value. For more information about property tax in Weld County, visit www.shorturl.at/lyOZ5. 

  14. What is the ongoing cost to operate this new facility, if approved?
    The cost to operate the proposed facility will require an estimated $1 million per year. This would be paid for with a permanent 1 mill increase to District residents’ property taxes.

  15. How will my taxes that support CVPRD change over time because of this proposal? 
    During the 30-year repayment period of the bond, the annual repayment of  $ 1.7 million will not increase, but the individual property tax assessment for that repayment will decrease as the overall District grows (or increase if the overall District declines). It is expected that individual shares of the repayment assessment will decrease over time due to the continued growth of the District.  Once the bond is repaid in-full, the assessment will be eliminated.
  16. When do residents vote on the proposed outdoor pool and second rec center? 
    Ballots will be mailed to homes in mid-April and must be returned by Tuesday, May 3, 2022. 

  17. Why are there two ballot questions
    The two ballot questions are intended to make clear the distinction between the one-time capital construction costs of the new facilities and the funds needed to operate the proposed facility on an ongoing basis. Both ballot questions need to pass to fund this proposal. 

  18. Where would the water for an outdoor pool come from and will my water bill increase if it passes?
    CVPRD will purchase water from the Town of Firestone in a manner similar to how water is purchased from the Town of Frederick for the pool at the existing rec center. Residents personal water bills will not increase due to this. 

  19. Why do District residents, who already pay property taxes that support CVPRD, have to pay membership or entry fees to use the rec center and participate in programs? 
    Property taxes and user fees are the common way that recreation districts pay for their facilities and services. CVPRD is funded 68% by property taxes and 32% by user fees. Recreation facilities and services are beneficial to the community because they increase property values and improve the quality of life for residents. One reason residents pay fees to use CVPRD facilities or participate in programs is to lessen the burden of taxes on all residents. For example, users pay a minimum fee for access, while participants in programs support the higher costs of instructors and officials. Non-District residents pay higher user fees than District residents.  Without user fees, District residents would pay higher property taxes, and non-District residents would pay even higher user fees. The goal for CVPRD is that non-District residents pay 50% more in user fees than non-District users.

  20. How do the fees compare to other rec centers?
    CVPRD’s user fees are similar to fees charged at other recreation facilities in Erie, Longmont, and Loveland. The fees at all District facilities are less for District residents than they are for non-District residents. 

  21. Why doesn’t the Rec District fix the roads instead of trying to build new facilities? 
    CVPRD is a completely separate entity from the City of Dacono and towns of Frederick and Firestone. District funds cannot be used to fix the roads in Carbon Valley. 

  22. There’s a drought right now, isn’t it irresponsible to build an outdoor pool? 
    The water required to operate the proposed outdoor pool annually is the same amount used by three residential households. 

  23. How can I help spread the word about the proposed plan? 
    Share the District’s social media posts, stop by the rec center and pick up a bag of election flyers and posters, that can be distributed in the community. Spread the word to your neighbors, friends, at church, at schools, and places you visit in Carbon Valley.

Get even more of your questions answered by watching this short video by CVPRD Executive Director Dean Rummel.