Fitness Patron of the Month

Toni Salz

After enjoying retirement for a few months, I realized I needed to add exercise to my life. At first I just started walking outdoors on my own and found it hard to do consistently. Then I started going to the rec center and using the equipment in the cardio room. The weight room was intimidating for me. I also tried some aquatics classes, which I really enjoyed until winter came, and then I found it difficult to attend.

One day I finally found the courage to go to a SilverSneakers fitness class and found what I was looking for. Not only did I find amazing instructors, but also a group of friends. Some might think that SilverSneakers classes are just easy movement, but that is not what I have experienced. The instructors encourage us to strive to be stronger in every way. I know I've gained strength in my arms and legs and definitely have improved my cardio fitness.

I have been attending classes four times a week for about six years. Being stronger physically is definitely a goal that I work for, but the social part of attending classes is a huge benefit also. I look forward to going to the rec center and meeting up with my friends knowing that we are having a great time together as we work to get physically stronger.

I feel very fortunate that at my age, 73, I am able to keep moving and get stronger. I thank the amazing instructors for showing us what is possible. They make it easier to make the decision to show up and keep moving.

Smiling older woman with short gray hair wearing teal shirt holding two red weights