Fitness Patron of the Month

Carrie Medlock

In January 2017 my friend said, "There's a new class at the rec center called Les Mills Body Pump. We are going." I nervously went hoping and praying that I would not have to do plyometrics or cardio. We were sore for AT LEAST a week. But we never stopped going. Five years later, the instructors and other participants have become my tribe. Athletics have always been my play time. Now, I not only have my serotonin outlet but I also have a group of friends who have truly made a difference in my everyday life.

I am forever grateful for Carbon Valley fitness programming. The sense of belonging and comradery that has come from making friends through fitness classes trickles into group celebrations like our breakfast club, birthday gatherings, ladies' nights, pool parties, and more!

Life is precious so surround yourselves with those who walk alongside you and encourage you to be your best self. More importantly, be their biggest cheerleader in return! CVPRD is totally that and more.

Woman with long brown hair sitting at weight resistance machine