Weight and Cardio Rooms

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, some equipment may not be available for use. 

Youth who have completed the Junior Trainers program may work out in the facility with an adult 18 or older but must wear their CVPRD wristband at all times. Youth under the age of 11 are not permitted in the weight or cardio rooms.

Weight and Cardio Room Orientaion
Fitness staff will walk you through the weight and cardio rooms to give you a better understanding of how to adjust the circuit equipment and properly position yourself on the machines. While this orientation will familiarize you with the fitness equipment, it will not provide an exercise plan such as personal training. For more information or to schedule a weight room orientation, call 303-833-3660 ext. 114 or email Suzi Shankweiler at sshankweiler@cvprd.com Age: 15+  Fee: Free

Weight Equipment 

  • Nautilus Inspiration circuit
  • Nautilus custom sound dampening platform for deadlifts
  • Nautilus cable cross
  • Hampton Urethane free weights and dumbbells
  • TRX functional training bay
  • TRX suspension trainers
  • A heavy bag
  • Functional bay with Apple iPad that includes online instruction for
    TRX exercises

Weight and Cardio Room Policies and Procedures