Senior Programming

Senior Programming at the Carbon Valley Senior Center is open to all   seniors age 55 and older. The Senior library offers a diverse selection of books and puzzles and our lounge is the perfect place to simply enjoy a cup of coffee. A computer is also available for daily use during business hours. We hope you'll join us for activities, lunches, socializing, trips, and more! 

AARP Smart Driver Course
The AARP Smart Driver Course teaches valuable defensive driving strategies and provides a refresher of the rules of the road. The course helps drivers learn research-based tips to adapt their driving to compensate for physical and cognitive changes that may occur with aging. Plus, you may qualify for a multi-year automobile insurance discount by completing the course (check with your auto insurance carrier). Payable by check only to AARP.  Pre-registration is recommended. Payment is due to the instructor the day of class. Minimum 6 participants. Age: 50+  
Fee:  $15 per person for AARP members
          $20 per person for non-AARP members.  
W    Jan 17    1-5:30 pm             RC
M    Mar 19    1-5:30 pm             RC

What is the Cloud and how do I use it?
Cloud computing services provide seamless access to all your important data - text docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, and other digital assets (like music) from wherever you are. Explore how cloud applications like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud allow you to create and share files and folders, store any file (like photos), and see your stuff anywhere. Class style is demonstration; a handout will be provided. Age: 18+
W    Jan 17    8:30-10:30 am    $18 D, $20 ND         RC

Introduction to the iPhone and iPad - Part 1
This beginner/entry level course will help you better understand the key functions of your Apple mobile device including basic layout/home screen buttons, apps, intro to basic communications (phone, contacts, email, texting, FaceTime), basic Internet browsing using Safari, control center, and settings. Class is demonstration but bring your device to follow along and practice. A handout will be provided. Age: 18+
W    Feb 21     8:30-10:30 am    $18 D, $20 ND          RC

Canvas N' Coffee
We invite you to a fun afternoon of acrylic painting on canvas. All materials are included. Artist Tami will give step-by-step instructions and show you how to create a beautiful painting to take home. Sign up today! Age: 18+
Friday, February 23, 10-11:30 am
$19 SCM, $20 D, $23 ND

February PaintingFriday, April 20, 10-11:30 am$19 SCM, $20 D, $23 NDApril Painting