General Pool Rules

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​Carbon Valley Recreation Center General Pool Rules

No swimming without a lifeguard on duty
Shower before entering the pool
Appropriate swimwear is required (dark shirts and sport shorts are OK if a swimsuit is underneath)
• Children of diaper wearing age must wear a swim diaper under their swimsuit (absolutely no regular
• No food, gum or drink allowed (besides water and sports drinks)
• No horseplay/fighting
• No diving (diving is only allowed in deep end)
• Water weights and kickboards are for classes and adult use only
• Life jackets and other personal floatation devices can only be used if child stays within an arm’s reach
  of an adult
• Life jackets and other personal floatation devices are not allowed on the slide, logs, diving board, rope
  swing or deep end
• Swimmers may not swim or hang-out in the deep end when the diving board or rope swing are in use
• Anyone 13 years or younger must pass a swim test to be in the deep end
• Children under 48” tall are not allowed on the big red slide or rope swing unless they pass a swim test

Slide Rules 

Life-jackets or any personal flotation devices are NOT ALLOWED on the slide
All riders must be 48 inches or taller or pass a swim test
Feet first only
One person at a time - please wait until the rider in front of you has reached the bottom before going
Parents or a responsible person age 14 or older may assist a child once they reach the bottom of the slide      (Please stand back and wait for the child to enter the water before assisting them)
Clear slide pool immediately to the stairs and exit the pool
No hanging out in the slide pool
No stopping, rolling, or spinning on the slide 

Deep End: Diving Board and Rope Rules

Life jackets are NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE in the deep end, including rope swing and diving board
Anyone under the age of 14 must complete a swim test before entering the deep end
No hanging out in the deep end when the rope or diving board is in use
Only one amenity (rope swing or diving board) will be open at a time

 Diving Board Rules:
One person at a time, person must swim to the side and exit the deep end before next person jumps
No back flips
No hanging on the diving board

 Rope Swing Rules:
Patron needs to wait behind the white line
One person at a time, swing out, drop, then exit the deep end
No swinging backwards
No flips

​Activity Pool Rules

Kiddie Pool Rules:

No climbing on amenities
No sitting on the geysers or spraying the deck
No climbing up the frog slide or waterfall
Children 7 and younger only on the frog slide
Feet first only on the frog slide 
No climbing on the railing

Log Pool Rules:

Life jackets are NOT ALLOWED on the logs 
One person at a time, if you fall off swim to the side and exit the log pool on the ladder
Must start by the kiddie pool, please do not go the wrong way
No hanging on the rope
No hanging out or swimming through the log pool when the logs are being used
Adults may assist small children across the logs

 River Pool Rules:
No jumping or enter the river from the side, must enter only from the stairs in the kiddie pool
No sitting or standing on the river walls

Hot Tub and Steam Room Rules​

Must be 14 or older without an adult
9 -14 may be with an adult (NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 9)
Eucalyptus sprays automatically - only supervisors may manually spray if asked
Ensure two chairs are by steam room