Swim Lessons

Our American Red Cross swim program creates an ideal environment for children to learn the fundamentals of water safety as well as stroke development and refinement. Participants are given a report card to track their progress and indicate if they are ready to pass on to the next level. Proper swim attire is required, no clothing (rash-guards are OK), as this inhibits proper movement when learning to swim. 

If CVPRD cancels a class, participants will receive a credit for the class. Make up classes will not be offered. Swim lesson fees do not include admission to the pool. Please refer to age ranges when enrolling students. 

For more information on swim lessons and placement, contact the aquatics office at (303) 833-3660 x 125 or e-mail rporfilio@cvprd.com

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Swim Lesson Levels

  1. Parent & Child
  2. Starfish
  3. Turtle
  4. Seal
  5. Level 1
  6. Level 2
  7. Level 3
  8. Level 4
  9. Stroke Clinic
  10. Home School

Parent & Child: 6 months - 3 years
Introduce children to water and teach them basic water skills. The main goal is to teach water adjustment in a fun and positive way. Minimum: 2  Maximum: 10

-2019 Winter_Spring Swim Schedule